1. 楊さんのこと

2. 何故私達のことをご存知か?

3. 私達に出来る事を具体的に教えて欲しい


Thank you very much for your reply, I have been thinking about how to reply with all the stories sharing with you for the past few days, but I realize that I still can't finish it through an email.

So, let's start here:
Perhaps you and many international organizations know that the voices from the animal lovers advocates in China are almost banned. I heard about stories about Ms. Xiaoyun Yang, good or bad, but have not contacted.
In my opinion, the characters who can attract the attention of the international community do not need my help anomore, as there's more to be noticed , those who are nameless and doing the same or even risking their lives every day for those innocent lives.
What I have encountered recently (in fact, such things happen every day):
1, a private unofficial shelter in tianjin was maliciously reported by the landlord due to some money problems, and the dogs are now facing government investigations, as i see the investigations should be in yulin or other dogs meat market instead of just at a shelter where is obviously ppl here doing the good things
2, One of the weibo account deleted by sina which uploaded the photoes of dog meat trades in Huangshi City, because the woman in the video holding the dog skin that had just been skinned by the dogs meat dealer and accusing the government of acting as a umbrella.
the Umbrella is bigger more than our imagination isn't it?!

So heartbreaking everything when those news ever came to me, I can't just wait and watching these things to happen everyday.

Here my point again.
1, Yulin is all over china, not just guangxi province
2, Spending the fundings to buy dogs in the market does not help with ending it at all , which could only leave it continue. because the more you buy, the more they steal as they benefit from the dealings. Chinese is the same evil as the gov. Yulin will not stop, it will only become more and more dogs get killing.
3, To stop Yulin and all the dogs meat trades must start with the legislation on preventing the killing abuse and pets welfare.
4. Due to the current international situations, the Chinese government is increasingly inclined to ignore the pressure of international public opinion, as money is more important for it for the group or party.

My friends and I are still in China.
We are currently doing two things: 1. Send the dog out of the country as much as possible.
2. Prepare to united the international groups to urge the legislation, hope everyone agree and join us, we do boycott instead of petitions.

I really hope that more international organizations will clearly understand the current situation of the Chinese government and re-plan the rescuing or ending.
To understand the chinese gov you can follow 爱犬家 on twitter.

I hope you can help to lobby as much as the groups in japan or even some groups you know worldwide this year if possible, before we take actions together.

Thank you
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