長く恐ろしい旅の末、食料や水も与えられずにケージに閉じ込められた犬達は、玉林の屠殺場に到着しました。この部屋の中でお互いの目の前で殺されます。ぎゅうぎゅう詰めにされて、壁に押し潰されて、コントロールを失う子。恐怖から逃れようと必死です。とても信じられない光景です。しかし今年は、今日から開催されるYulin dog meat festival に、中国の動物保護活動家達が障害を乗り越えて、このビルに残された62匹全ての犬を救出しました。この子達は、中国北部にあるHSIのシェルターに運ばれます。この子達は幸運でしたが、アジア諸国では、未だひどい虐待を受けている動物達が沢山います。

Dear M,

After a long and terrible journey, crammed into cages and transported without food or water, these dogs arrived at a slaughterhouse in Yulin to be beaten to death for their meat.

Here, fear spreads through the room as they are killed in front of each other. Some of the dogs lose control of their bowels, while others crowd with each other up against the walls, heads turned up in an attempt to escape the horror. The scene is unbearable.

But this year, just before the annual Yulin dog meat festival that is happening today, a group of Chinese animal activists overcame unimaginable obstacles to rescue all 62 dogs left in this building. They are all being cared for by shelters, including a shelter in northern China supported by HSI. Now is when they need you the most.

Please make an urgent donation today to help us care for these dogs, end atrocities like Yulin and the dog meat trade and protect all the world’s animals from cruelty.

These dogs have witnessed the harshest abuse and neglect and are in desperate need of veterinary care and socialization. At our partner shelter, they're receiving all of that along with fresh food and water. With love and care from staff members, they'll learn to trust people again. From there, their journey to finding loving forever homes will begin.

They are the lucky ones, but this is only the beginning. Across Asia, other animals just like them are still at risk of hardship, suffering and terrible neglect.

Please, donate now to help us care for these rescued dogs, support our campaign in ending the cruel dog meat trade, and join our broader efforts to protect animals across the globe.

On behalf of these rescued dogs, thank you for supporting us, and thank you for helping us. With your support, we’ll be able to give more animals like them a second chance at life and put an end to brutality like this for good.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

P.S. If you've already donated toward their care and to help protect so many other animals, thank you. We are still processing donations.

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